Shri SR Software Solutions Private Limited

Experts in SNMP, IPMI, networking, network management systems, real-time systems, and embedded system software

10 years

  1. BulletSNMP

  2. BulletIPMI

  3. BulletTCP/IP

  4. BulletCustom networking protocols

  5. BulletEmbedded systems

  6. BulletReal-time systems

  7. BulletDevice drivers

  8. BulletManaging India-based development centers

Helping customers make manageable products since 2000!!

We have been helping our customers manage their India-based development centers using our pass-through cost and fixed fee model, development and maintenance of software in networking, network management, systems management, embedded and real-time systems areas.

BTI Systems Inc., U.S.A.

We are helping BTI Systems develop management interfaces for high availability state of the art optical networking platforms.


Helping NETGEAR manage modems using SNMP.

nuPSYS, U.S.A.

Helping nuPSYS develop network management system.

Argent Software

Developed SNMP Library, MIB compiler, discovery tools, and roadmap of SNMP-related projects for Argent Software.

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