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Network Design & Customized Hardware Solutions

Datacenter Design & Monitoring, IoT Gateways, Professional Services by CCIE™

Risk-based Vulnerability Management

Remote Health Management and Hospital Networks

Boost Network Utilization, Effective Datacenter Operation, Smooth Network Operation, Automation!!

Products We Sell

Micas Networks, nuPSYS Inc., Carenation by Teslon, Seconize, Milestone Inc. and Seceon Inc.

We bring you cutting-edge products from Micas Networks, nuPSYS Inc., Carenation by Teslon, Seconize, Miletstone Inc., and Seceon Inc.

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Proven, Cost-effective, Readily Available, Complete Solutions

Datacenter Network Monitoring, Video Management Systems, Cyber Security Software, Risk-based Vulnerability Management, Hospital Automation, Remote Health Management

In-house CCIE™, Support for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon AWS

We leverage our partnerships with Micas Networks Logo Teslon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ™ Logo Seconize ™ Logo Milestone Systems Inc. ™ Logo Microsoft Inc. ™ Logo and Seceon Inc. ™ Logo to help you with Proven and Cost-effective Hardware Solutions, Secure Network Design and Implementation, Custom-built Hardware, Turnkey Monitoring Solutions, and Real-time Embedded Systems

We are a geographically-spread team with 24x7 support available in 3 continents

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North America

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About Us

We are ShriSR. We are here to help your network.

ShriSR is a small yet powerful network design, automation, and real-time software developer of your networking products. We have on-board CCIE™ and certified Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS professionals:

  • Certified Professionals
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Partnerships with Micas Networks, nuPSYS Inc., Milestone Systems Inc™, Microsoft™, Seconize, Teslon, and Seceon Inc.™
  • Partnerships with large-scale custom hardware ODMs
Our Mission & Vision

We aim to provide authentic, quality, and timely service at a low cost

Our Motto: Simplicity, Simplification, and Support. Our team is comprised of certified professionals with decades of experience in understanding network issues and providing quality, timely, and affordable service.

We have teamed up with certified & experienced professionals and have established relevant partnerships to get you the best service at best price!
What We Do

At ShriSR, we aim to deliver the best solution for your business.

Datacenter Design and Automation

Setting up a new datacenter, need to make urgent changes to one, or want to automate your network? We will help.

Consulting Services

Want to define a new product? Ask us to do the research and define a product map. Or, do you need help to maintain an older release to free-up your all-star team for the next challenge? We can help.

Start-up Support

We can set-up your development center in India.

Datacenter Services

Our deep experience in network design and monitoring

Our CCIEs™ help you start-, monitor-, or migrate your datacenter to Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS

Project-based Implementation

Setting up a new datacenter or upgrading one? ShriSR shall take it on a project-basis to study requirements, evaluate various options with you, and, implement it with the help of on-board CCIE™ and other certified associates.

Ad-hoc Design and Support

Need help with an urgent issue in your datacenter? Avail quick help from ShriSR's experienced network designers and software developers.


Speed-up your network operation and maintenance with our network automation engineers.

Consulting Services

Define Product Roadmap

Review by an independent team helps you compete better by identifying positives and negatives in your product vis-a-vis your competition. We identify the free and paid products that serve similar market and compare your offering head-to-head with them. We identify the lacunae in your offering and steps to get ahead.

Make a Product

We identify personas that would be using the product. Subsequently, we collate a prioritized set of requirements. We develop a release plan and start documenting functional-, design-specifications, test plan, and test procedures. We develop the product as agreed, test it, and support it after release for an agreed duration. In the end, you get all documents, code as per your coding conventions, and instructions on how to build and deploy the product yourself.


We help you maximize your investment in your star performers and resources by stepping up to take ownership of old versions of your products. We add features, resolve issues, and support your customers.

Start-up Support

  • Your own India-based Development Center

    We work on a simple model to help you start your own India-based center of excellence. Keep track of the real-cost of extending your office in India. Switch to full control when you are ready.

Our Partnerships
Watch this space for more as we grow our portfolio
Micas Networks ™ Logo
Micas Networks™

Proven, cost-effective, readily available 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G, 400G Cloud Switching Solutions, Data Center Core Switches, Edge Switches

Milestone's ™ logo
Milestone Systems Inc.™

We have partnered with Milestone Systems Inc., a global leader in Video Management Software (VMS), to secure your premises.

Seceon ™ logo
Seceon Inc.™

We have partnered with Seceon Inc., a pioneer in Cyber Security, to secure your data efficiently.

nuPSYS Inc ™ logo
nuPSYS Inc.™

nuPSYS provides infrastructure Management Software for IoT. Data Center & Network, offering subscription & perpetual Licensing.

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We may be able to include your product in our solutions.

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Have a thought about your future network operation? We are always open for your ideas.


Frequently asked questions

  • What's your motto?

    Our motto is Simplicity, Simplification, Support.

    Simplicity: We have evolved from the grassroots of network operation. We understand your concerns. We keep the explanations simple thus easy to understand.

    Simplification: We engage 1 on 1 with your team and understand the knots in your implementation. We can explain our solution down to the last person in your NOC.

    Support: We recognize that a solution is not complete without full support of everyone in your team. We engage with everyone and make the changes acceptable to everyone. If you are impressed with us, we will be happy to share a referral bonus with you.

  • How to begin?

    Send us an email via the contact form. One of us will engage with you very soon.

  • What process do you follow?

    Our process has several stages. First we understand your business requirements and your operational paradigm. You see a document of your requirements as we see them.

    Next, we prepare High-Level Design Document (or HLD) that describes the changes we propose and a cost-benefit analysis. It contains an optional security plan.

    We then prepare a Low-Level Design Document (or LLD) that describes the network-device level changes that we propose.

    Implementation stage follows LLD; We make changes to your network and operational practices.

    In Training stage we bring your operators on-board through demonstration and directed help.

    Sign-off stage comes in the end where we monitor our solution's effectiveness and plan to conclude.


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